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Will you complete the Pastor Appreciation Challenge?

Guess what? It's pastor appreciation month. There's a good chance you didn't know this. I mean, I doubt many pastors devoted the month of September to spreading the good word that "It's almost time to appreciate me!"

But much like the girl who says she thinks Valentine's Day is cheesy, even a pastor who would never dream of mentioning pastor appreciation month knows it is happening and is probably holding out hope that someone will acknowledge them.

So, all this month, I'm issuing weekly challenges that will center on appreciating your pastors. (If you don't currently have a pastor, perhaps you could appreciate a pastor in your community who you believe is serving your city well, or a pastor who was a meaningful part of your life in the past?) 72% of pastors work between 55 and 75 hours a week!

Our challenge this week is pretty simple. Send your pastor a thank you card or note, in the mail. A handwritten message, sent through the mail, reveals your thoughtfulness and consideration. I know you'll have to buy a stamp, and lookup an address. Do it anyway! If you're not great with words, buy a greeting card. Dollar Tree has them for 50 cents and you can find that in your couch, right now!

Comment on this post when you've completed the challenge, or even better show us a photo of you dropping your letter or card in the mail (without revealing addresses or names, of course.) Challenge your friends to appreciate their pastors this month by sharing the weekly challenges and tagging your friends in your post.

Amy Noel Green is a conference and keynote speaker. She is a writer and game designer who has received international press attention for her work on the video game about her son Joel, That Dragon, Cancer.

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Oct 10, 2019

this is great! Thanks for the reminder and the idea(s)!

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